Blog #13- The Grimoire

I know, I know what you’re thinking!  Well it’s about time T-Pot!  We’ve been waiting for the March blog for almost a month!  It’s almost April!  I apologize for the lengthy delay.  I promise I ain’t get Spring fever or anything like that. This month has been so, so hectic for me.  And challenging.  I’ve been busy with some work things and of course advancements with The Black Diamond.  That’s put a damper on my ability to devote time to posting on TpotOnline, but I’m here now.  I’ve carved out enough space in my schedule to tell you guys a little bit about the grimoire.

A warlock’s grimoire is very precious to them.  It serves two purposes: 1) to provide information on spells, monsters, and magical information and 2) to act as a living history of the warlock’s (or witch’s) family line.  A grimoire is a family book of magic that is usually passed down from generation to generation.  Each member of the family adds entries to the book based on their encounters and experiences.  So naturally, the book grows along with the family.  In addition to containing magical information, some grimoires have magical properties themselves.

The Johnson family grimoire is one such grimoire.  It was a large, black, hardbound book with a lion’s head in the center.  Its origins date back to his family’s origins, which is in Africa.  It has been imbued with a spell that allows it to protect itself from those outside of the family.  This manifests itself in two ways.  The first way, and most common way, is that it moves away from a stranger’s touch.  The other way is that it magically rebuffs the stranger away.  What determines which tact the book takes?  Only it knows.

The Johnson’s grimoire is passed down along with the magic, but not necessarily at the same time.  If you remember, Derek’s family is a family of warlocks where the first born male inherits their magic when they turn 13.  The warlocks are the ones who are tasked with protecting and maintain the grimoire, but they don’t always inherit it when they inherit their powers.  Taking care of their grimoire is a big responsibility and they usually are entrusted with it when their fathers feel they can handle that responsibility.  For example, even though Derek got his magic when he turned 13, he wasn’t given his grimoire until he moved away to college.

Matt’s grimoire is one that doesn’t naturally protect itself, but he found a way to protect it in a unique way.  Using his brains and ingenuity, he found a way to merge magic with science! He found a way to connect his grimoire with a tablet.  Using magic, the contents of the book streams to the tablet without the use of the internet.  At first, he locked the tablet with a pin code, but later used a fingerprint scanner that was itself a combination of magic and technology.  Very clever, that boy.

Omar burned his family’s grimoire during a childhood accident.  Because he hadn’t known about his wickon heritage growing up, Tre doesn’t know the whereabouts of his grimoire… at least not as of meeting his warlock brothers in The Witch’s Curse.  Will either of these change?  Stay tuned!

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