Blog #8- Mayor Angela Wright

First off, I want to send thoughts and prayers to everybody that’s been affected by Hurricane Ian.  I know it’s a mess down in Florida right now and many people have lost their lives, homes, and livelihoods.  Just stay strong and know that we are with you.  Here in Delaware, we are getting the remnants of the hurricane.  It’s been a really dreary weekend.  Rain, rain, go away and don’t come back another day!  What a start to October.  And it’s a shame because October is one of the best months of the year.  Fall is fully here and it’s all in the air!  The leaves are turning colors!  The air is crisp without being too cold.  You got football, the baseball playoffs, and the start of the basketball season all happening. And of course, it all culminates with Halloween at the end of the month.

Halloween—All Hallow’s Eve—is probably the most fun holiday on the calendar.  It’s a close competition with Christmas and New Year’s for sure, but all the candy might put it over the top.   I remember my family used to take me and my cousin trick-or-treating around my mommom’s neighborhood when we were little kids.  One year, I was a vampire and he was Batman.  We had a whole bit and everything!  So much fun!  I don’t know, do people even do the neighborhood trick-or-treating anymore?  If not, it’s a shame because there’s something magical about Halloween.  Which perfectly segue ways into the examination of Pottington’s most powerful witch: Angela Wright.

Angela Wright is the main antagonist of The Witch’s Curse.  I hesitate to call her a villain because there is clearly a level of coercion to her actions, but your mileage may vary.  Whether she is an antagonist or full-blown villain, she is an extremely dangerous and worthy foe for our warlocks in their first year together.  She is a woman that came up with modest means.  Angela grew up in a small town in New Jersey.  She was a bit of a bookworm and not particularly sociable.  Determined to improve her lot in life, she decided to get into politics after graduating college.  She ruthlessly and single-mindedly worked her way up the political ladder, eventually being elected the mayor of Pottington.

In her career, Angela accrued quite a bit of political power.  It’s almost as much power as she has mystically.  Angela is an Ultimate witch, meaning she is a Level 5 magic user.  These are very rare in the world of The Black Diamond.  She has three magical abilities and is an expert in all three: telekinesis, telepathy, and conjuring.  When Angela was a child, her parents sent her to study under a witch that was a master in one of her active powers.  She first spent a summer in Jamaica to gain control of her telekinesis.  When her conjuring developed, she trained under a master conjurer in Chicago.  Her telepathy proved the hardest to control and she was sent to study under a psychic in New Orleans.  Her aunt trained her in the craft.  It is safe to say that Angela Wright is one of the most powerful witches in the world.

For their first test, I decided to make the boys go up against another magic user, one who was older and more experienced than them.  Make no mistake though, the mayor is no mustache twirling, cardboard cutout villain.  She doesn’t want to go after our boys, she is coerced into doing so.  By whom or by what?  That’s a mystery for another day.  Her role as the mayor discourages her from confronting the warlocks directly, forcing her to use intermediaries to do her dirty work.  She is a reluctant villain, cast in the role by a force that intimidates even one who has as much power as her.  She’s the perfect foe for the warlocks to battle in their freshman year.

Next Month: Pottington, DE

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